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Partnership with Action Plastics Ltd
Springfree Trampoline has been developing its unique, patented product since 2003.  The origin of the design came from within the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. 
During the prototyping phase of the project, the inventor, Professor Keith Alexander, required the support of plastics die designers and an injection molder with experience in engineered plastics.
Keith chose to work with Action Plastics Ltd.  Over the following decade, Springfree and Action have formed a close and long standing relationship.  Action has been able to provide world class support for two aspects of the business:

  • Tool and die design.  Action has continued to be able to provide world class design services along with complex Finite Element Analysis services that have allowed us to continually upgrade our engineered plastics.  Some of our designs have been at the extreme end of the complexity curve and have presented challenges that other die designers have not been willing to navigate.  Action has always been willing to work with us no matter how extreme the challenge.

In recent times, Action have shown their agility by providing us with a range of “fast turn” prototype tooling services for a new product.  Their ability to deliver over short cycles and work closely and constructively with our Industrial Design partner has resulted in the project progressing on time, and their support on the design side has resulted in a more robust, easy to manufacture set of parts.

  • Production/Manufacturing Partner.  Action has been a major supplier of finished injection molded parts for the product for a decade.  They have shown an ability to not only add value by assisting with minor changes to the part design to improve manufacturing yield, but have been able to provide product at prices competitive with Asian sourced parts, while allowing us to protect some sensitive IP.  We have been able to compete with volume Asian sourced pricing while not having to expose some key “know how” to a wider, less well understood and controlled audience.  We believe this has in some measure protected the product from being copied.

Overall, Action Plastics has added significant value to our business and our product and we expect to continue to work with them into the future.  I can recommend them to others looking for a responsive plastics fabrication partner.
Doug Hill
Managing Director
Springfree New Zealand Ltd.